Our Story

Our passion for making sauerkraut began in 2013, after reading an article that directed people to eat kraut, even if they disliked it. Apparently, according to the author, if any food can change your overall health, it’s sauerkraut. As health-conscious individuals, we were dumbfounded. If that was true, then why wasn’t everyone eating this amazing superfood?

Equipped with a copy of Sandor Katz’s book, Wild Fermentation, and a hand crank cabbage shredder, we went to work making our own brand of fermented sauerkraut for those who also wanted to change their own eating habits. We shared our initial recipe with friends and family and they told us our kraut was blue ribbon quality. That encouragement inspired us to start The Kraut Guy.

Our focus has always been to develop sauerkraut that anyone could love. We’ve created simple sauerkraut and more tasty varieties featuring apples and cinnamon, caraway, and juniper berries. We’ve also developed cultural flavors that feature jalapenos, horseradish and garlic, along with a line of red cabbage products.

Now that we’re retired, we are devoting more time to developing our products for local farmers markets and online marketing. Our mission continues to promote sauerkraut as we follow the farm to fork philosophy.

We believe a forkful of kraut every day keeps the doctor away. Enjoy and shout about our kraut!